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Life in Thailand

2011-02-27 16:30:59 by thaisusu

I am from Thailand. I was born in the northern mountain region of the country, but currently I live in the central rice farming region. I work as a freelance artist and designer, and because of that I regularly have to travel to the capital city, Bangkok (which is actually the name given to it by Western people - it's proper Thai name is "Krung Thep").

In addition to being a part-owner of MarioSonicGames.com, which I help develop games for (see here for a full list of those), I also write a blog about my life in Thailand which you can read here if you like: Life in Thailand, by Sureephon Inns.

Below is a recent photo of me, just in case any of you want to know what I look like:

Life in Thailand


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2011-11-04 09:08:59

sawaddeekrab pom sheu leo krab
pom dee jai mak tee dai hen kon thai bon newgrounds dot com krab